23 June 2017

Free for All Friday No. 449 by Nan

The beauty of Filofaxes is that they're completely customizable. They don't even come with an instruction manual to tell you how to use them.

What advice would you give when someone sees your Filofax and desperately asks for help getting organized? (Besides, of course, reading this blog, joining one of our many Facebook groups, or watching YouTube video.)

I would say, start with week-on-2-pages and a bunch of to-do pages and blank paper. Just dump everything in your brain in there, and then it will become clear whether you need to start using tabs or custom pages.

Of course, since it's Friday, feel free to make any organizer-related conversation you wish!

22 June 2017

The Perfect Organiser - Part 2 (Inserts and Pens)


A perfect organiser isn't complete without inserts? Inserts that are right for your needs. Inserts printed on paper that work with your choice of pen or pencil.

Naturally I would say that Philofaxy has the perfect inserts for most peoples needs, but that might be a bit over ambitious. Yes of course I use them myself, but I do recognise that they aren't for everyone and we know some people don't like the printing themselves routine.

So putting the Philofaxy option to one side for a moment what other options are there? Surprisingly quite a lot of options these days, more so I would say than a few years ago. Paper planning is alive and well.
So there are a lot of options out there, but how do you pick the right one for you? Trail and error mainly, hopefully not too much of the later!

I always recommend getting some sheets of blank paper and cutting them to the size you wish to use (Personal, Pocket, A5 or whatever) and try out different hand drawn layouts for daily, weekly etc formats. Populate the pages with a typical weeks worth of tasks and activities and see how full or empty a typical week or day is. You might need to do this a few times until you find the optimum layout.

Then go looking for a similar layout in that size. You will find testing things out with plain paper first will save you a lot of wasted money/paper.

If you don't find the perfect insert first time around, try not to jump to something else until you have worked out exactly what doesn't work on the current layout after 2-3 weeks, give it time. No two weeks are the same so the 'loading' on your planner/diary might be very different from one week to the next.


Pens or writing instruments of some sort naturally are linked to inserts. The two have to be able to work together in terms of ink on the paper. If possible try to get a sample of the paper that is the same as the inserts to test out your pen of choice on.

If you are printing your own inserts, some stationery stores sometimes offer paper sample packs with one or two sheets of the different papers they stock. These can be useful to test out if fountain pen or gel ink soaks in to the paper too much or just sits on the surface and takes longer to dry.

Also remember to test or check that your preferred pen will fit the pen loop on your organiser. Some on-line stores give an indication of the diameter of the various pens, this is useful for organisers without elasticated pen loops. 

21 June 2017

Tell us about...... 12

All organisers have certain design features such as:

  • Big rings or small rings
  • Full back pocket
  • Lots of credit card slots
  • 2nd pen loop
  • Zip pocket
  • Secretarial pockets
  • Zip closure or Clasp closure
  • Notepad slot
  • Outside pocket
  • Flyleaf
The list goes on and on, there are more I've possibly missed out! 

We all have a top three in our list I would think if we are looking at swapping in to another organiser or buying a new one. 

What are the top three 'must have' features for you? 

Tell us in the comments below.

20 June 2017

Web Finds - 20 June 2017

So I hope you have had a good weekend.

So now it is time to enjoy a great collection of blog posts and videos from around the internet.

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